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WE DID IT!  The PA Modernization Act Passes the Maryland General Assembly, 2024. 

From the AAPA President: “So much has changed in medicine over the last 25 years. The Maryland PA Modernization Act recognizes those changes and ensures that practice laws better align with how healthcare is delivered in 2024,” Ogunfiditimi said. “I applaud the tireless efforts of Maryland PA leaders and state legislators for passing this bill.”

Highlights of PA Modernization Act :

  • Effective October 1, 2024
  • Collaboration Agreement replaces Delegation Agreement
  • Registered with the Board
  • Details Kept at the Practice Level/Agreement
  • Any current Delegation will roll over to the Collaborative Agreement
  • No Supervising MD name on prescriptions
  • PAs are working under their education, training, and experience (consistent with the practice setting and that of their collaborating Physicians), no longer agents of Physicians.
  • Advanced duties waived for all PAs practicing in the setting of Hospital affiliation, ASC, and FQHCs.
  • If there is no affiliation with the above, then only need to apply for advanced duties (current process) if less than 7000 (3.5 yrs) clinical practice hours.
  • Cap on Economic damages consistent with physicians (previously no cap)

The PA Modernization Bill: A Timeline

President’s Message - 2024 – A New Era for Maryland PAs 

This is the year that MdAPA has finally moved the needle on modernizing the PA Practice Act. I am thrilled to announce that the tireless efforts of the legislative committee have succeeded!  The Maryland General Assembly has passed HB 0167 and HB 806 - the PA Modernization Act.  Now we anxiously await the signing of the bill into law by Governor Moore on May 9th.  It has been MdAPA’s goal for the last three years to finally create a legal framework that more accurately reflects the way PAs have been practicing in Maryland for years.  We all know we are part of the solution to the critical healthcare workforce shortage in our state, and now we have moved closer to the legal standing to provide more access to care without unnecessary administrative burdens imposed by antiquated practice laws. 

This is just a starting point.  We encourage everyone to take a more active role by getting involved in any local, regional, or state healthcare organization you can.  This will serve to promote the visibility and value PAs bring to conversations on improving the health and wellness of our patients.  If you see the opportunity to take a seat at the tables, join committees and say “yes” to being involved. Actively engaging in all aspects of the healthcare gives us a voice or we risk the inevitable result of being left out of crucial decision making. 

MdAPA works for you year-round and will continue to advocate for your current and future professional needs.  Maintaining your membership and encouraging others to become members is the bare minimum investment you should be making in your professional future.  Being an important part of MdAPA, your professional team organization, is just as important as being a vital part of your clinical team.

Join me in my journey to elevate the PA profession in Maryland!

Elizabeth Donovan, MS, PA-C

Read the note from our President, Elizabeth Donovan, MS, PA-C, about the historic passage of our bill into law this session.

Legislative Director Message

MdAPA legislative team had a big year.  We have hired a new lobbyist, Robyn Elliot, who has been masterful at negotiating on our behalf and getting us to the finish line of our first legislative change since 1997!

PA modernization timeline:

June 2023: debrief with MedChi to determine areas of consensus and areas in need of clarification.

August 2023: Presentation to Workgroup on Maryland Healthcare Workforce shortage, Senator Pamela Beidle supportive of legislative efforts.

September 2023: Hire Robyn Elliot and Policy Partners to represent MdAPA

October 2023: Legislative Fundraiser, Awesome event raising over 10K!

November 2023: Prefilled SB0167 sponsored by Senator MaryBeth Carozza 

January 2024: House Bill 806

February 6, 2024: PA Advocacy Day - Great Turn-out!

February 20, 2024: Hearings in both House and Senate with PA testimony

March 2024: House subcommittee meetings with continued negotiations, met crossover filing deadline

April 2024: HB806/SB0167 Passes both the House and Senate Final reads.

May 9th (11:00-1:30) Annapolis State House Governor signing of the PA Modernization Act

  • -        Celebration to follow at Pusser’s

Our thanks to our Legislative Director, Jennifer Grover, PA-C, who worked tirelessly with our committee volunteers and our lobbyist to get this bill passed!

Resources and Articles

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Some great news to pass along- AAPA staff published an article in the Journal of Medical Regulation in 2023 “Medical Malpractice Payment Reports of Physician Assistants/Associates Related to State Practice Laws and Regulation". This is different from the opinion piece previously sent around.  Article here.

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